Plan działania dla i na okres 8 july – 16 july.

Plan of & for 8 july – 16 july.

Można się śmiać tu: / You can laugh now:

Ten dokument nie został napisany w vi'u jak wszystkie inne/This document hasn't been created in vi editor like all others around.

U5 = solaris9, „router”, www for, mail for all domains, dns for, basic stuff, ssh here

paf73 = redirected from u5 www for, KylieM bot runs here, ekg for GG and MiKylie irc client

paf73 online, u5 online

All times are in GMT+2.

Remember! Even if IRC or GG are online, I'm not there! Please, don't expect an agile reaction. I might GPRS from that shithole, but I cannot guarantee when or how often. So please, if you have some requests give me some time to read it.

I'm back at Warsaw in the evening of 16th july (80%) or anywhere on 17th july (20%).

Additional remarks:

Love & kisses, MiKylie

MiKylie@EFNet, and GG# 292433

I'll try to upload some pics and info when I'm there.

ver. 1.00, 8th july