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This is the description data for 408 pics from holidays 2006.
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These are long anticipated pics from holidays. Small briefing on what happened.
  1. 1st August: Warsaw-Slovakia
  2. 2nd: Slovakia-Balaton
  3. 5 days in Balaton area
  4. 4 days in Budapest
  5. Next sleep in Pecs
  6. Next in Szeged
  7. Then trip to Eger via Estregom
  8. And 2 nights in Slovakia near Kosyce
There are few things to keep in mind:

So, there are about 408 pics in the gallery. That's quite a bunch. But I'm sure some will be completely not interesting for all of you. Some depict completely weird stuff. Just skip them ;>

Here comes the data.
2006-08-01-Holidays01.jpgRandom polish landscape, while being struck in traffic jam.
2006-08-01-Holidays02.jpgAnd the cause of the traffic jam.
2006-08-01-Holidays04.jpgAnother landscape in next traffic jam.
2006-08-01-Holidays05.jpgStill same obstruction.
2006-08-01-Holidays06.jpgThe other side of the road.
2006-08-01-Holidays07.jpgOur first stop after Slovakian border, apparently mountains in the background.
2006-08-01-Holidays08.jpgEven more mountains.
2006-08-01-Holidays09.jpgWaiting for some local woman, who was supposed to point us to the place where we'll sleep that night.
2006-08-01-Holidays10.jpgOutlook from our home. And yes, it was way darker than it seems on the pic.
2006-08-02-Holidays01.jpgOur house.
2006-08-02-Holidays02.jpgAnd our bit of unnamed flow. (FIXME)
2006-08-02-Holidays03.jpgReally big oven for steel (1).
2006-08-02-Holidays04.jpgReally big oven for steel (2).
2006-08-02-Holidays05.jpgSmall bit of filed before the oven.
2006-08-02-Holidays06.jpgCastle somewhere in Slovakia, very high location.
2006-08-02-Holidays08.jpgSunflower power!
2006-08-02-Holidays09.jpgOutlook from our Balaton location.
2006-08-02-Holidays11.jpgNight outlook from our Balaton location, nothing really visible.
2006-08-03-Holidays01.jpgA sign pointing to a nearby restaurant, it was meant to help us to find our way back home.
2006-08-03-Holidays02.jpgMum & local port in Csopak, and yes, I know I should've give it more light.
2006-08-03-Holidays03.jpgDad & local port in Csopak, same as above.
2006-08-03-Holidays04.jpgA distant cat, pic made behind spiders web.
2006-08-03-Holidays05.jpgMum in some Tihany cloister or something, a bit blured.
2006-08-03-Holidays06.jpgSome plant in Tihany cloister.
2006-08-03-Holidays07.jpgAnd a closeup.
2006-08-03-Holidays08.jpgApparently, polish Fiat 126p reached Hungary!
2006-08-03-Holidays09.jpgFunny Hungarian texts in some Tesco.
2006-08-03-Holidays10.jpgSome bird in a tree.
2006-08-03-Holidays11.jpgOur outlook whilst it rained.
2006-08-04-Holidays01.jpgA locked down church, you can just kiss the door.
2006-08-04-Holidays02.jpgPresumaby the church from -01.
2006-08-04-Holidays03.jpgSome other.
2006-08-04-Holidays04.jpgA dummy on computer shop display! Incredible!
2006-08-04-Holidays05.jpgSuprisingly, a fountain.
2006-08-04-Holidays06.jpgPure disguise with the martetplace on mum's face.
2006-08-04-Holidays07.jpgSt. Michael Church.
2006-08-04-Holidays10.jpgThe outside of -07.
2006-08-04-Holidays12.jpgIt's me, with old walls in the background!
2006-08-04-Holidays16.jpgSome tower in I guess Sopron city.
2006-08-04-Holidays17.jpgMum on Sopron's marketplace.
2006-08-04-Holidays18.jpgTower in Sopron city from other side... It looks exactly the same as from first side. Seems it's round.
2006-08-04-Holidays19.jpgA cat, presumably 'she' over Balaton.
2006-08-04-Holidays20.jpgThere's another cat under the silver car! At least it was in reality, it's rather invisible in the pic.
2006-08-05-Holidays01.jpgA nearby wineyard.
2006-08-05-Holidays02.jpgView on the Balaton from the wineyard.
2006-08-05-Holidays03.jpgMum going down to ruins of some old castle (Balaton area).
2006-08-05-Holidays04.jpgUnknown construction, unknown ppl inside.
2006-08-05-Holidays06.jpgCaste tower, same set.
2006-08-05-Holidays07.jpgMore ruins.
2006-08-05-Holidays08.jpgMe myself on the wall.
2006-08-05-Holidays11.jpgMore of the ruins.
2006-08-05-Holidays12.jpgMe myself again.
2006-08-05-Holidays15.jpgThey have really ugly trains, worse than in Warsaw even.
2006-08-05-Holidays16.jpg(Polish) They got one really funny surname.
2006-08-05-Holidays17.jpgThe inside of some church build of pure bazalt.
2006-08-05-Holidays18.jpgDad reached the top of some ruined castle.
2006-08-05-Holidays19.jpgAnd the other part of that castle.
2006-08-05-Holidays20.jpgYet another Balaton area church inside.
2006-08-05-Holidays21.jpgDad with a bit of palace complex in the background.
2006-08-05-Holidays22.jpgMe with a cuteass fountain.
2006-08-05-Holidays24.jpgReality is just a mirror of mind, ain't it?
2006-08-05-Holidays25.jpgA cuteass bush.
2006-08-05-Holidays26.jpgThat's a part of a pretty accurate sun watch. The smart point is the location of the pivot, which can be anything, but it's location is variable, depending upon time of year.
2006-08-05-Holidays27.jpgAh, and the wedding party in the palace.
2006-08-05-Holidays28.jpgA cat eating a mouse (1).
2006-08-05-Holidays29.jpgA cat eating a mouse (2). No closeups available as we didn't want to disturb the cat.
2006-08-05-Holidays30.jpgInteresting architecture.
2006-08-05-Holidays32.jpgA nice alley of old trees (1).
2006-08-05-Holidays33.jpgA nice alley of old trees (2). Yeh, I know, the windshield required cleaning...
2006-08-05-Holidays34.jpgA nice alley of old trees (3).
2006-08-05-Holidays36.jpgOur small pool.
2006-08-05-Holidays37.jpgA pretty nice outlook on Balaton and the Moon.
2006-08-05-Holidays38.jpgUnknown plant in our garden.
2006-08-06-Holidays01.jpgHave you even seen in Poland booze branded by Tesco? Me not. Gin.
2006-08-06-Holidays03.jpgRum. And no, I don't understand Hungarian text on it ;>
2006-08-06-Holidays04.jpgA very intersting mushroom-similar church.
2006-08-06-Holidays05.jpgCat nearby that church.
2006-08-06-Holidays06.jpgAnd a nice view (1).
2006-08-06-Holidays07.jpgAnd a nice view (2).
2006-08-06-Holidays08.jpgWell, it's a castle.
2006-08-06-Holidays09.jpgYet once again lousy Hungarian train.
2006-08-06-Holidays10.jpgThe water seemed quite cold...
2006-08-06-Holidays11.jpgEven damn cold!
2006-08-06-Holidays12.jpgDad swimming.
2006-08-06-Holidays13.jpgMy turn.
2006-08-06-Holidays14.jpgAlmost the same.
2006-08-06-Holidays15.jpgThe ladder somehow covered me.
2006-08-06-Holidays16.jpgFor the 2nd time...
2006-08-06-Holidays17.jpgAieee, too much water in the air.
2006-08-06-Holidays18.jpgYay, I do swim. Only when forced tho.
2006-08-06-Holidays23.jpgApparently it was not hot inside.
2006-08-07-Holidays01.jpgMum & Dad on a fairy on Balaton on our way to Budapest.
2006-08-07-Holidays02.jpgThe Palio traveling by fairy for the first time ever.
2006-08-07-Holidays03.jpgThe Palio from above.
2006-08-07-Holidays04.jpgThe land is closer and closer hopefully.
2006-08-07-Holidays05.jpgMe on a fairy.
2006-08-07-Holidays07.jpgThe brave Palio once again.
2006-08-07-Holidays08.jpgMum overlooking the shore.
2006-08-07-Holidays09.jpgAlmost there.
2006-08-07-Holidays10.jpgTerribly blurred inside of a church. (Szekesfehervar)
2006-08-07-Holidays11.jpgInfo on the -10 church.
2006-08-07-Holidays12.jpgIt does look funny, doesn't it.
2006-08-07-Holidays13.jpgWhen you think that a clock on a grass in park is top thing...
2006-08-07-Holidays14.jpgThen there's a calendar!
2006-08-07-Holidays15.jpgMmm highway (Siofok-Budapest). A picture you won't see in Poland.
2006-08-07-Holidays16.jpgMum after around 80 steps in Budapest.
2006-08-07-Holidays17.jpgSome secret passage around the Buda castle.
2006-08-07-Holidays18.jpgThere's a museum in the inside area of the caste.
2006-08-07-Holidays21.jpgDad under quite big fountain in the Buda castle complex.
2006-08-07-Holidays22.jpgMum in the same area.
2006-08-07-Holidays23.jpgMum with parlament house in the background.
2006-08-07-Holidays25.jpgNice bit of sculpture.
2006-08-07-Holidays26.jpgView from castle on Gellert Hill.
2006-08-07-Holidays27.jpgThe fancy train from 'bottom' to the hill where castle is located.
2006-08-07-Holidays28.jpgAll buildings were good looking, just one still had traces of time.
2006-08-07-Holidays29.jpgI was told it was the most famous Budapest cathedral.
2006-08-07-Holidays30.jpgAnd its tower.
2006-08-07-Holidays31.jpgwell, something weird.
2006-08-07-Holidays32.jpgNote that cathedral has a really fancy roof.
2006-08-07-Holidays33.jpgPanorama on Pest side of Budapest.
2006-08-07-Holidays34.jpgDad on panorama.
2006-08-07-Holidays37.jpgMum resting on the stones of the -31 construction.
2006-08-07-Holidays39.jpgThe reflex of us in... Hilton Hotel! (Same place as in previous pics.)
2006-08-07-Holidays40.jpgQuestionable fruits on a tree.
2006-08-07-Holidays41.jpgYet again panorama on Pest & the Parlament.
2006-08-07-Holidays42.jpgWe had no idea what 'crumbling' meant then.
2006-08-07-Holidays43.jpgHigh level of respect to traffic signs amongst Hungarian drivers.
2006-08-07-Holidays44.jpgSiemens everywhere! It's on the pavement.
2006-08-07-Holidays47.jpgBudapest-by-night, it's train station in particular. Kaletti? It's the one that looks like monument.
2006-08-07-Holidays48.jpgRoof makes a nice tripod.
2006-08-08-Holidays01.jpgJust a note what's on pic -02.
2006-08-08-Holidays02.jpgThe 'templom' from outside.
2006-08-08-Holidays03.jpgThe oldest underground line in Europe.
2006-08-08-Holidays04.jpgAnd the entrace. My first guess was that it's not entrace to underground but to WC. Yes, there's no really big 'M' signs around.
2006-08-08-Holidays05.jpgSome church inside.
2006-08-08-Holidays07.jpgMore of inside.
2006-08-08-Holidays08.jpgWay up high! (1)
2006-08-08-Holidays09.jpgWay up high! (2)
2006-08-08-Holidays10.jpgA relic, hand or something.
2006-08-08-Holidays13.jpgWall makes a nice tripod. It was really dark there.
2006-08-08-Holidays16.jpgNo idea what is it now.
2006-08-08-Holidays17.jpgGoing down the underground.
2006-08-08-Holidays18.jpgGoing up.
2006-08-08-Holidays19.jpgThe other famous railway station.
2006-08-08-Holidays22.jpgSome street perpendicular to Vaci Street.
2006-08-08-Holidays23.jpgNice porcelain animals.
2006-08-08-Holidays24.jpgThe Gellert statue, or the Freedom one. I dunno which one really.
2006-08-08-Holidays26.jpgAnd Lajos Kossuth right nearby the Parlament.
2006-08-08-Holidays28.jpgThe innyard of a random house. Quite impressive compared to Warsaw's standards.
2006-08-08-Holidays29.jpgBlack pigeon, I was told it's pretty rare.
2006-08-08-Holidays31.jpgDad inside the parlament, although you cannot see much of the background.
2006-08-08-Holidays32.jpgInside of parlament. Dark dark dark, that's where cheapo cameras suck.
2006-08-08-Holidays33.jpgThe Hungarian king's crown (1, blurred, from hand).
2006-08-08-Holidays34.jpgThe Hungarian king's crown (2, blurred, from hand).
2006-08-08-Holidays35.jpgThe Hungarian king's crown (3, not blurred, from that gold pivot).
2006-08-08-Holidays36.jpgA longue.
2006-08-08-Holidays37.jpgKinda ashtray.
2006-08-08-Holidays38.jpgThe place where they sit and talk.
2006-08-08-Holidays39.jpgDucks on the walls.
2006-08-08-Holidays41.jpgAnd panorama to the right side.
2006-08-08-Holidays42.jpgGents toilette. Funny story behind that, as it's not a part of a tour. The doors were immediately shut down when security noticed that i attempted to take a pic of that. Must be some national secrets there...
2006-08-08-Holidays43.jpgLadies toilette, unfortunately closed. ;>
2006-08-08-Holidays46.jpgEmergency going by.
2006-08-09-Holidays01.jpgA bit of pivot and a square.
2006-08-09-Holidays02.jpgA sculpture of a greek philosopher quite similar to our family's friend.
2006-08-09-Holidays03.jpgBits of Egiptian jewelery. It's not Cartier definately, but some were rather nice.
2006-08-09-Holidays04.jpgA sculpture of a cat doing ... well, guess what. Official name is 'Tom-cat'.
2006-08-09-Holidays05.jpgThe building of the museum.
2006-08-09-Holidays06.jpgDad & the square before the museum.
2006-08-09-Holidays07.jpgClose up of the top of the pivot.
2006-08-09-Holidays08.jpgAnd a look on the other end of the square.
2006-08-09-Holidays09.jpgMum & Dad leaving the square. Intersting sculptures in the background.
2006-08-09-Holidays10.jpgThe sculptures again.
2006-08-09-Holidays11.jpgSome church.
2006-08-09-Holidays12.jpgThe same church. Note the intersting pattern on the walls.
2006-08-09-Holidays13.jpgMore of the church.
2006-08-09-Holidays14.jpgAgain the inside.
2006-08-09-Holidays15.jpgIntersting stained-glass.
2006-08-09-Holidays17.jpgThe wall pattern.
2006-08-09-Holidays18.jpgThe backup sound system.
2006-08-09-Holidays19.jpgA de-centred window.
2006-08-09-Holidays20.jpgThe speaking place.
2006-08-09-Holidays21.jpgTar - huge source of bad smell.
2006-08-10-Holidays01.jpgAn ant in old roman remains.
2006-08-10-Holidays02.jpgAnd the roman remains.
2006-08-10-Holidays03.jpgNice mosaic in other roman remains.
2006-08-10-Holidays04.jpgAnd little kittens in that roman remains.
2006-08-10-Holidays05.jpgKittens. It's interesting that cats in general love roman remains, same behaviour is seen in Rome.
2006-08-10-Holidays06.jpgThe funniest located roman remains in the world. Under the Arpad Bridge!
2006-08-10-Holidays07.jpgThe dark bit of them.
2006-08-10-Holidays08.jpgAnd the part that is in underground passage.
2006-08-10-Holidays09.jpgMe in a weird surrounding. Roman bits and new blocks of flats in the very background.
2006-08-10-Holidays11.jpgRoman column.
2006-08-10-Holidays12.jpgMum & me in roughly the same place.
2006-08-10-Holidays13.jpgA cat approaching us.
2006-08-10-Holidays14.jpgAnd just the end half of the cat.
2006-08-10-Holidays15.jpgAgain quite impressive innyard.
2006-08-10-Holidays16.jpgHilarious statue of 3 people with umbreallas.
2006-08-10-Holidays17.jpgA building in old Budapest part (Obuda).
2006-08-10-Holidays19.jpgLittle poppy trying to eat everybody around.
2006-08-10-Holidays20.jpgNot only us.
2006-08-10-Holidays21.jpgTower of unknown origin on Margarets Island.
2006-08-10-Holidays22.jpgSwimming pools there.
2006-08-10-Holidays23.jpgA bit of a waterfall in Budapest.
2006-08-10-Holidays24.jpgPhone with hilarious pink headset!
2006-08-10-Holidays27.jpg(Polish) No comments on surnames there.
2006-08-10-Holidays28.jpgThe famous Gellert Hotel almost-by-night.
2006-08-10-Holidays29.jpgComming onto the Citadel.
2006-08-10-Holidays30.jpgA bit blured statue on the top of the Citadel.
2006-08-10-Holidays31.jpgFirst try on panorama, not bad.
2006-08-10-Holidays32.jpgAnother attempt on the statue.
2006-08-10-Holidays33.jpgPanorama - too much exposure.
2006-08-10-Holidays34.jpgThe same panorama - blured.
2006-08-10-Holidays35.jpgFinaly perfect - given the equipement.
2006-08-10-Holidays36.jpgAnother place for paronama.
2006-08-11-Holidays01.jpgCat hiding in plants.
2006-08-11-Holidays02.jpgCat settled in plants. ;>
2006-08-11-Holidays03.jpgMarketplace in Pecs to the front.
2006-08-11-Holidays04.jpgTo the left.
2006-08-11-Holidays05.jpgAnd to the right-rear.
2006-08-11-Holidays06.jpgWeirdo fountain.
2006-08-11-Holidays07.jpgMum questioning if the heads are metal. No, they are ceramical. Look can be deceiptive.
2006-08-11-Holidays08.jpg(Polish) The language is over the top. I wonder if they have so much fun of polish as well.
2006-08-11-Holidays09.jpgOld pharmacy.
2006-08-11-Holidays10.jpgBig church with 4 towers: Cathedral of Pecs.
2006-08-11-Holidays11.jpgAnd a wee church on the other side of square.
2006-08-11-Holidays12.jpgThe crypt. The odour there was really awful.
2006-08-11-Holidays13.jpgStill the crypt.
2006-08-11-Holidays14.jpgWay in and out of the crypt. Similar to entrace to the Dungeon in Diablo I.
2006-08-11-Holidays15.jpgScenes on the entrace.
2006-08-11-Holidays16.jpgThe pillar.
2006-08-11-Holidays17.jpgThe culmianation of the church. It was kind of eastern in construction.
2006-08-11-Holidays18.jpgSome scenes on the walls.
2006-08-11-Holidays19.jpgBetter -17.
2006-08-11-Holidays20.jpgSide chappel.
2006-08-11-Holidays22.jpgThe name of the cathedral.
2006-08-11-Holidays24.jpgLet's see what's behind one wall..
2006-08-11-Holidays25.jpgInteresting gate pattern.
2006-08-11-Holidays26.jpgWho is it? It's Liszt peeping out of his balcony!
2006-08-11-Holidays27.jpgInsightful installation made of locks.
2006-08-11-Holidays28.jpgA very renovated building of post office.
2006-08-11-Holidays29.jpgIf you look closely, you'll see a gas pipe with open fire.
2006-08-11-Holidays30.jpgIntriguing buiding. Totaly empty and a bit destructed.
2006-08-11-Holidays31.jpgAnd over 20 levels high!
2006-08-12-Holidays01.jpgOne of two ours sleeping palces for one night in Pecs. Looks nice enough.
2006-08-12-Holidays02.jpgJust the radiator is a bit 'shifted' ;>
2006-08-12-Holidays03.jpgOne last look inside the round church in Pecs.
2006-08-12-Holidays04.jpgHighly complicated procedure of pouring concrete.
2006-08-12-Holidays05.jpgYet again the huge building in Pecs' marketplace.
2006-08-12-Holidays06.jpgA minor church in Mohacs.
2006-08-12-Holidays08.jpgA colorful statue of St. Florian.
2006-08-12-Holidays09.jpgCentral place of Mohacs - city hall.
2006-08-12-Holidays10.jpgAnd naturaly, the church.
2006-08-12-Holidays11.jpgIntriguing statue of 3 girls.
2006-08-12-Holidays12.jpgBuildings in Szeged.
2006-08-12-Holidays13.jpgMum & Dad with the statue of the main anti-flood system engineer.
2006-08-12-Holidays14.jpgBeautiful house (1).
2006-08-12-Holidays15.jpgBeautiful house (2).
2006-08-12-Holidays16.jpgFunny scene on the baker's.
2006-08-12-Holidays17.jpgBig cathedral, with bigger square, and a huge scene-like construction (1).
2006-08-12-Holidays18.jpgBig cathedral, with bigger square, and a huge scene-like construction (1).
2006-08-12-Holidays19.jpgA cat that didn't give a shit about us.
2006-08-12-Holidays20.jpgEven more, leaving us with disguise.
2006-08-13-Holidays01.jpgOur address, so we won't forget.
2006-08-13-Holidays02.jpgMore of our address.
2006-08-13-Holidays03.jpgName of our sleeping place.
2006-08-13-Holidays04.jpgTransit via Budapest.
2006-08-13-Holidays05.jpgThe biggest cathedral (or something) in whole Hungary in Estregom.
2006-08-13-Holidays06.jpgIt's said to be around 100m high.
2006-08-13-Holidays07.jpgSome skull there.
2006-08-13-Holidays08.jpgOutlook on Duna.
2006-08-13-Holidays09.jpgStill the cathedral.
2006-08-13-Holidays10.jpgA cat on the innyard of Castle Museum right by cathedral, showing us his tongue. That cat totaly pwns previous cats.
2006-08-13-Holidays11.jpgA bit of cathedral, a bit of castle.
2006-08-13-Holidays12.jpgMore of cathedral.
2006-08-13-Holidays13.jpgCathedral from closeup.
2006-08-13-Holidays14.jpgThe text under the sign needs to be resolved.
2006-08-13-Holidays15.jpgCathedral from a bit further.
2006-08-13-Holidays16.jpgCathedral from way furhter (no zoom).
2006-08-13-Holidays17.jpgCathedral from way furhter (with zoom). Still very far.
2006-08-13-Holidays19.jpgYeh i know it's new. But it's weird.
2006-08-13-Holidays20.jpgWineyard in the wild. The grapes were not eadible anyways...
2006-08-13-Holidays21.jpg(Polish) Zapickanki ;>
2006-08-13-Holidays22.jpgEger's church by night.
2006-08-13-Holidays23.jpgThe castle by night.
2006-08-13-Holidays24.jpgAnd some palace by night.
2006-08-14-Holidays01.jpgFake marble!
2006-08-14-Holidays02.jpgIt's the biggest cathedral in Eger.
2006-08-14-Holidays03.jpgStill it.
2006-08-14-Holidays04.jpgA bit of painting on the top of that.
2006-08-14-Holidays05.jpgTheir university.
2006-08-14-Holidays06.jpgAnd the cathedral from outside.
2006-08-14-Holidays07.jpgAnother church.
2006-08-14-Holidays08.jpgAnd some more. Different one.
2006-08-14-Holidays09.jpgCity hall? Hell knows.
2006-08-14-Holidays10.jpgVery nice gate design on that city hall.
2006-08-14-Holidays11.jpgView from castle in Kraska Horka (Slovakia).
2006-08-14-Holidays12.jpgSmall castle seems right size for us.
2006-08-14-Holidays13.jpgAnd the road is fine too.
2006-08-14-Holidays14.jpgWe'd get even catapults just-in-case.
2006-08-14-Holidays15.jpgOverview of the castle.
2006-08-14-Holidays16.jpgMore of the overview.
2006-08-14-Holidays17.jpgJust a simple church in random Slovakian village.
2006-08-14-Holidays18.jpgSide doors are firmly locked as well.
2006-08-14-Holidays19.jpgAt least they got huge tree.
2006-08-14-Holidays20.jpgIn a bit of mountain area.
2006-08-14-Holidays21.jpgThat tree is really huge.
2006-08-14-Holidays22.jpgThe overview of that church.
2006-08-14-Holidays23.jpgSome remains.
2006-08-14-Holidays24.jpgEntrance to a valley.
2006-08-14-Holidays25.jpgLost railway station - left.
2006-08-14-Holidays26.jpgLost railway station - right.
2006-08-14-Holidays27.jpgAnd then suddently the train comes (from run).
2006-08-14-Holidays28.jpgThe train, when we both stopped.
2006-08-14-Holidays29.jpgA chicken with little chickens.
2006-08-14-Holidays30.jpgCat, with 2 dogs nearby. The cat completely ignores dogs ;>
2006-08-14-Holidays31.jpgWater from air condensated on the roof.
2006-08-14-Holidays32.jpgIt was supposed to give mountains-by-night (1).
2006-08-14-Holidays33.jpgIt was supposed to give mountains-by-night (2).
2006-08-15-Holidays01.jpgLittle kitten avoiding mud.
2006-08-15-Holidays02.jpg2 more little kittens. Blurred as I was slowly beginig to run away.
2006-08-15-Holidays03.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays04.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays05.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays06.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays07.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays08.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays09.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays10.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays11.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays12.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays13.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays15.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays17.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays18.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays19.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays20.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays21.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays22.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays23.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays24.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays25.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays26.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays27.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays28.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays29.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays30.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays31.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays32.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays33.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays34.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays35.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays36.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays37.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays38.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays39.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays40.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays41.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays42.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays43.jpgInside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays44.jpgOutside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays45.jpgFinaly outside the cave.
2006-08-15-Holidays46.jpgIn the rural area.
2006-08-15-Holidays47.jpgCathedral in Kosyce (Slovakia)
2006-08-15-Holidays49.jpgThe inside of the cathedral.
2006-08-15-Holidays50.jpgMain part.
2006-08-15-Holidays51.jpgA bit of wall painting.
2006-08-15-Holidays52.jpgGeneral structure.
2006-08-15-Holidays53.jpgSpeaking place, manualy bracketed -0EV.
2006-08-15-Holidays54.jpgSpeaking place, -1EV.
2006-08-15-Holidays55.jpgAnd finaly -2EV.
2006-08-15-Holidays56.jpgCloseup of the artwork.
2006-08-15-Holidays57.jpgIntriguing stuff on the wall.
2006-08-15-Holidays58.jpgAnd the sound system.
2006-08-15-Holidays60.jpgThe overview of the cathedral from the other end.
2006-08-15-Holidays61.jpgNote the plants on its tower.
2006-08-15-Holidays62.jpgThey also have a very nice fountain.
2006-08-15-Holidays63.jpgAnd theatre building.
2006-08-15-Holidays64.jpgAnother church, all along the main street.
2006-08-15-Holidays65.jpgThe inside of -64. Locked down naturaly.
2006-08-15-Holidays66.jpgIt must be some innyard of a museum.
2006-08-15-Holidays67.jpgA 5kg weigh.
2006-08-15-Holidays68.jpgHandy stuff for hands & legs.
2006-08-15-Holidays69.jpgAnd a bit of a prison.
2006-08-15-Holidays71.jpgThere are just a few limitations what you can't do in the valley. Note the 1st sign from left in 2nd row from the bottom. Looks like walking is prohibited.
2006-08-15-Holidays72.jpgStones comming from top.
2006-08-15-Holidays73.jpgStones, dunno where.
2006-08-15-Holidays74.jpgDark stone.
2006-08-15-Holidays75.jpgThe lively mountains river.
2006-08-15-Holidays76.jpgAnother valley view.
2006-08-15-Holidays77.jpgTrees trees trees.
2006-08-15-Holidays78.jpgView over the mountains.
2006-08-15-Holidays79.jpgThe same as -78, just underexposed.
2006-08-15-Holidays80.jpgAnd now a bit too much light.
2006-08-15-Holidays81.jpgMountain view again.
2006-08-15-Holidays83.jpgA locked down mountain house (2). Took note, where we should pick the key up next time. ;>
2006-08-15-Holidays84.jpgMum happy we finaly going down - back home.
2006-08-15-Holidays85.jpgTrees or something.
2006-08-15-Holidays86.jpgThat small river.
2006-08-15-Holidays88.jpgMore stones.
2006-08-15-Holidays89.jpgEven more stones.
2006-08-15-Holidays91.jpgOur house right by mountains. It's the last house before the entrace to the valley.

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